Something Bitchy

One of our "favorite" bloggers, who often delights us with her word-craft, but who more often than not infuriates us with her credulity, has suggested that it would be amusing to collect "loony quotes" from Obama followers. Well, we here at HSD think it will be at least as amusing to collect loony quote from the fuzzy-headed knee-jerk so-called "conservative" booboisie. There is so much material to work with that we fear that our dedication to this entertainment could jeopardize our health, what with the need to avoid alimentation, elimination and sleepification in order to keep up with the flow. We must say that we are relieved to remember that "life as we know it" will keep us from becoming obsessed with this exercise, as tending to our regular duties will keep our feet on the ground.

"Hypocrisy is better than no standards at all" - William Bennett, CNN Larry King Live, June 10, 2001

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