Bush rushes to the defense of his supporters over consumers

Court: US can block mad cow testing

"The Bush administration can prohibit meat packers from testing their animals for mad cow disease, a federal appeals court said Friday. ... The dispute pits the Agriculture Department, which tests about 1 percent of cows for the potentially deadly disease, against a Kansas meat packer that wants to test all its animals."

"Larger meat packers opposed such testing. If Creekstone Farms Premium Beef began advertising that its cows have all been tested, other companies fear they too will have to conduct the expensive tests."

Those poor other companies - having to compete in a free market against others with better ideas. Fortunately for agri-business, the Bush Administration and Republican appointee Judge Karen LeCraft Henderson are ready to rush to the defense of the big trade monolith against "attacks" by ... the little guy. What's a Republican administration for, after all, if not to protect the monied interests over the desires and health of consumers.

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