Swan song for losers in the marketplace of ideas

Predictably, the nattering nabobs of right-wing nut-job-dom are bloviating all over the ether about voter fraud.

Grim is doing it. Cassandra is doing it. Fred Flintstone is doing it. The “yidwithlid” is doing it, and doing it. Kenneth R. Timmerman is doing it (whoever the hell that is). Diamond Tiger is doing it. Susan Duclos is doing it. Zebulon Pike is doing it. John Boner is doing it. Faultline is doing it. The NY Post is doing it. My Aisling is doing it.

We can understand how the right’s reactionary wheels might be coming off, seein’s how it looks at this point as if BHO and Joe will get the gold next Tuesday, but all this hysteria about voter fraud is just the swan song for a philosophy which is NOT winning in the marketplace of ideas.


to be continued ...

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