Thank you Sarah Palin

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  1. Wow. Incredibly snarky with just an undertone of anger and hostility...

    So much for graciousness in victory.

    You should really be thanking the press though. They took a successful governor and turned her into Dan Quayle. But that's politics.

  2. Sarah Palin turned herself into Dan Quayle. I imagine she can be a nice person, but she was/is no more ready to be President than Joan Rivers is.

  3. Neither is President-elect Obama, but here we are. He will be my president and I wish him well.

    What happened has happened. But any serious person must ask how someone who took on her own power structure and won, took on "big oil" and won, and has one of the highest approval ratings of any politician in the country could suddenly be declared a dunce.

    I think her one glaring flaw was that she had apparently spent little time thinking about issues larger than Alaska. However, scant evidence exists that Mr. Obama spent time thinking about weighty matters before his campaign started.

    The GOP ran a horrible campaign, running on their horrible record, and they got the a$$ beating they deserved, but there is no reason to make it personal.

    I smell fear in the attacks on Palin. She is a threat to entrenched interests on the right and left, so she she must be marginalized.