random thoughts about abortion, contraception

"Opposition to abortion is primarily about opposition to sex before marriage, repulsion against the sexual revolution, and hostility to the notion that girls would put careers before babies, and thereby have their own power and money. It's punitive and hateful, those sluts should suffer. It is not inconsistent with not caring about the babies after they are born because its not about the babies to begin with."

Comment # 26 to GROUNDWORK FOR THE JUSTIFICATION OF ROE V. WADE (See http://lawandpolitics.blogspot.com for January 25, 2005)

This in essence is (part of) my position on the abortion issue. Additionally, I think that any serious opponent of abortion (who would have her/his opposition be seen as something more than "primarily about opposition to sex before marriage") must acknowledge and accept the importance of unfettered access to contraception by all regardless of age, no questions asked (i.e., with no parental consent required).

See "What Roes v. Wade Should Have Said: The Nation's Legal Experts Rewrite America's Most Controversial Decision", ed. Jack M. Balkin (New York University Press 2005) for discussion of alternative legal justifications for (and against) the Roe decision.

[to be continued]

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