Quote of the Day

“The role of the United States -- we can't impose peace.” GWB


  1. I saw your comment on snooper over at the holy man's blog and wanted to compliment you on your astute observation. It just isn't snooper - it's all of them. They need a boogeyman in order to justify their existence.

    Your bibliography is quite impressive. I tried to read Hitchens' work about God not being good but found him to lack intellectual dishonesty and just plain laziness. I wound up throwing the book away after wading 1/2 way through it. His arguments weren't as much against a Prime Mover or First Cause as they were against organized religion which I oppose as well.

  2. Raoul: I try to be patient with Snooper, but it is not easy, as I'm guessing you also know. Haven't tried Hitchen's latest book - I expect that it would infuriate me, and I've got lots of things on the "to read" list ahead of him anyway. Stop by here anytime; you're welcome.

  3. Raoul: You say, " ...it's all of them. They need a boogeyman in order to justify their existence. "

    Please don't lump everybody in the same group. I've been guilty of doing the same thing in the past. I've learned that's a big mistake. Whether we are talking about the Left or Right, there are many sub-categories on each side. I'm trying not to do that any more.

    Look at McCain vs Clinton vs Obama. Very few differences in any of them.

    Have a great evening Mark. I appreciate your comment about the seven sins and I agree with you.

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth