Quote of the Day

"La guerre ne l'oublions pas, la guerre est faite par des gens qui ne se connaissent pas et qui s'entre-tuent , pour le compte de gens qui se connaissent mais qui ne s'entre-tuent pas.

"S'il est vrai que l'humour est la politesse du désespoir, s'il est vrai que le rire peu parfois désacraliser la bêtise, exorciser les chagrins véritables, alors, oui, on peut rire de tout, on doit rire de tout".

On peut rire de tout mais pas avec n'importe qui.


  1. The following is a reply I posted to a comment you left on my website, which consisted of a list of Republican politicians convicted or accused of pedophilia. Since I am a fellow Californian, I just have to share my comment on your comment:

    I Googled many of the Republican pedophiles you listed, and you sure are picking the low-hanging fruit. Some were not office holders, the offices most of them held were minor city, county, or state, and some had been accused, not yet tried let alone convicted.

    As I Googled I found Democrats had set up a cottage industry to post Republican transgressors on websites seemingly dedicated to that sole purpose. I noticed that on these websites being accused is as good as being convicted, which is odd since we Republicans are often the ones accused by Democrats of rushing to judgment.

    However, I have no quibbles about shining the light of public scrutiny in dark corners of public service, although many Democrats have preached that politicians’ private lives are separate from their official duties, and that it is narrow minded of Republicans to mix the two. Democrat treatment of Bill Clinton’s sexual escapades is the shining example of this dichotomy.

    For you to link pedophilia and Republicanism reaches heights of intellectual dishonesty, or depths of ignorance. Obviously there are pedophiles, and all of them fall in one or more affiliation group: Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Catholics, Protestants, atheists, gays, heterosexuals, bisexuals, transsexuals, priests, teachers, etc.

    You wouldn’t rule out the possibility that an accused was a pedophile because he wasn’t a Republican, would you?

    At second thought, after I reviewed your websites dedicated to this topic, I changed my mind and concluded you probably would.

    I’m glad to see there are no Republican websites dedicated to the foolish proposition that pedophilia is a Democrat trait. My post about Democrat Sex Scandals was actually inspired by an article in the excessively liberal San Francisco Chronicle, and I was just adding comments and corrections.

    I personally don’t thing political sex scandals are solely a Democrat phenomenon. It’s just that Democrats are much more tolerant of sexual transgressions than Republicans. As one example among many, the San Francisco Chronicle recently ran an article about Mayor Gavin Newsom being a strong potential candidate for California governor. No Republican could have an affair with a subordinate city employee, who was also the wife of his best friend and campaign manager, then go into alcohol abuse rehab when the story became public, and ever have a prayer to an elective office.

    But for Democrats such hanky panky is considered résumé enhancement.

  2. Apparently you are very censorious about comments you allow. Pity.