Stupor Does It Again

Stupor is one of America's home-grown idiot Talibani-wannabe terrorists. On the anniversary of "Operation Iraqi Liberation", Stupor makes the following comments to show that he would like a totalitarian despot running this country:

"... does his best to cite [sic] to riot ..."

"Perhaps they should merely drop dead or move to some other country where they would feel more at ease?"

" ...Perhaps they should all be disappeared"

"If it was legal and if it were possible by Executive Order or other such legal means, I would be honored to place the noose around the necks of every anti-Americanist Enemy Within ..."

Stupor isn't happy unless he's "citing" other idiots to take to the streets and exert mob-rule vigilantism on those who disagree with him. And he has the nerve to call others communists. He needs to take off his rose-colored glasses and look in his mirror.

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